Who are the major employers in Comox Valley?

Who are the major employers in Comox Valley?Comox Valley, located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, is known for its diverse economy, which includes a mix of industries.

While the region’s economy is supported by various employers, some major employers and sectors stand out:

Government and Public Services

Public sector employment is significant in Comox Valley, with government organizations serving as major employers. These include the following:

  • Canadian Forces Base Comox (CFB Comox): A Royal Canadian Air Force base, CFB Comox is one of the largest employers in the area, supporting military personnel and their families.
  • School District 71 (Comox Valley): The local school district employs teachers, administrators, and support staff to provide education to the region’s students.


Healthcare is a vital sector in Comox Valley, with several healthcare facilities employing a significant number of professionals. Major healthcare employers include:

  • Comox Valley Hospital: This regional hospital provides a wide range of medical services and employs doctors, nurses, and support staff.
  • Comox Valley Nursing Centre: A long-term care facility providing skilled nursing services.

Tourism and Hospitality

Comox Valley’s natural beauty and outdoor attractions make tourism and hospitality key contributors to the local economy. Major employers in this sector include hotels, restaurants, and recreational facilities catering to tourists and residents alike.

Who are the major employers in Comox Valley?

Agriculture and Farming

The fertile lands of Comox Valley support a thriving agricultural sector. Local farms, vineyards, and agricultural businesses provide employment opportunities in farming, food production, and related fields.


North Island College, located in Courtenay, is an important educational institution in the region. It employs faculty and staff to provide post-secondary education and training programs.

Retail and Small Businesses

Comox Valley has a vibrant retail sector, including shopping centers, boutique shops, and small businesses. These establishments provide numerous employment opportunities in various retail roles.

Forestry and Natural Resources

The forestry sector plays a role in the regional economy, with some employment opportunities in forestry and related industries.

Technology and Innovation

Comox ValleyThe Comox Valley Economic Development Society actively promotes technology and innovation in the region, supporting startups and tech companies. This sector is growing and contributing to local19 employment.

Non-Profit Organizations.

Various non-profit organizations and community groups in Comox Valley employ individuals in roles related to social services, advocacy, and community development.

Arts and Culture

The arts and cultural sector in Comox Valley includes art galleries, theaters, and creative industries that provide employment opportunities for artists, performers, and cultural workers.

Comox Valley’s economy benefits from its diverse range of employers and industries, making it an attractive place to live and work. Keep in mind that the job market can vary depending on the specific industry and sector, so individuals seeking employment in the region should research job opportunities and potential employers based on their field of expertise and interests.